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Comprehensive Report

2 copies of our 14 page comprehensive report.

    • Easy to read and understand
    • Most comprehensive report you’ll ever see
    • Ensures Inspectors evaluate all critical elements of the home
    • Included a legal contract for each report set

If you would like to place an order please call us at (315) 432-5555 or e-mail us at

Description SKU # Price
10 – 49 forms 503-49 $10.75 ea
50 – 99 forms 503-99 $9.50 ea
100+ forms 503-100 $8.00 ea

Pricing is per set without contracts.

Add $16.00 for 10-49 shipping/handling

Add $25.00 for 50-99 shipping/handling

Add $35 for shipping/handling on 100+

Field Report Holder

A sturdy report holder with a compartment that holds several reports, report covers, business cards and any other small important items you may need.

    • Lap desk is easy to handle
    • Internal storage compartment to hold any essential items

If you would like to place an order please call us at (315) 432-5555 or e-mail us at

Description SKU # Price
Inspector Field Report Holder 504 $20.00

Add $5.00 shipping/handling

Report Section Separators

Durable separators designed to organize your report papers.

    • Helps keep you organized
    • Allows you to move easily from one report section to another
    • Quickly reference any section of the report
    • Quick reference notes on the back of each separator

If you would like to place an order please call us at (315) 432-5555 or e-mail us at

Description SKU # Price
Inspector Section Separators 505 $6.00

Radon Monitors

Sun Nuclear Radon Model 1027 Calibration Testing Available through Radon Corporation of America (RCA) for $130.00 + $21.00 for shipping & handling.

Visit our website at

(1027 Model CRM Units Are No Longer Being Manufactured By SunNuclear)

If you would like to place an order for CALIBRATION TESTING of your current Model 1027 CRM Unit, please call us at (315) 432-5555, or call our sister company Radon Corporation of America (RCA) direct at 315-432-0007.

Liquid Powder – Septic Dye Test Bottle

Liquid Powder Tracing Dye is a safe, non-toxic, biodegradable & water-soluble concentrated liquid dye. Disperses immediately in water for low, moderate or large water-volume applications.

Liquid Powder is packaged in a 1LB bottle with a flip top spout, for fast, easy & clean application.

Fluorescent Yellow Green is the easiest color to detect in dark areas. Fluorescent Red is a very good contrast color.

Examine leaks & water movement in a multitude of systems, sewer maintenance, downspout cross-connections, septic system inspections, flow time & circulation studies, pollution studies.


Approximately 1 oz per 375 gallons (clear). 1 oz per 200 gallons (solids).

Note: due to many variables (amount of water, visible light, rate of flow, distance traveled, concentration of solids, user preference, etc.) additional dye might be required for a stronger visual detection.

Price:  Only $27.50 per 1-lb. bottle (pick-up in-person FREE or add $10 flat rate shipping anywhere in NYS)

Computerized Inspection Report

The ABITCO INC. Inspection Report is a complete web-based inspection form that is used in a web browser on any Windows based device (PC, Laptop, Tablet) to perform home inspections.

The complete Inspection system is provided and self-contained on a USB flash drive that can be run from any Windows device with a standard USB port.

Contact ABITCO for your copy of the NEW Computerized Inspection Report System.

1 Month for $50.00 (recurring at $50.00 per month)
6 Months for $250.00 (recurring at $250.00 every 6 months)
1 Year for $480.00 (recurring at $480.00 each year)

BEST VALUE !! One Time Payment of $900.00 for Unlimited Life-Time Access to the Computerized Inspection Report