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We at ABITCO believe in providing our clients with a piece of mind that your property was thoroughly inspected by a well trained inspector, and that any problems or potential problems have been identified for you. We spend an average of 3 1/2 hours at every home inspection. We urge our clients to attend the inspection to see first hand, and to discuss concerns that may arise, as well as provide helpful suggestions.

We provide all clients with a full comprehensive written report immediately after our inspection has been completed.

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Key Benefit

bullet A licenced and fully qualified inspector will perform your Home Inspection
bullet Inspector will be there to answer all your questions or concerns
bullet You receive a FULL detailed report right on site.
bullet The Report will highlight current and many potential problems with the building
bullet We can perform additional testing such as: Radon Testing, Water Purity, Well Water Flow, Septic Dye Test, Pest inspection, and Mold Testing

bullet Single Family Home up to 2500 square feet $ 390.00
  for each additional 500 square feet add $ 50.00
  for homes over 100 years old add $ 50.00
bullet Multi-Family Homes $390.00 plus an additional $50.00 for each unit over the first
bullet Radon Testing using continuous reading radon monitor $150.00





bullet WATER PURITY - Total coliform, Nitrate & Nitrite $150.00
bullet LEAD IN WATER - $75.00
bullet WELL WATER FLOW - (1 Hour) $50.00
bullet SEPTIC DYE TEST - $100.00



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