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Home Inspection

The purchase of a home is probably the largest single investment you will ever make. We at American Building Inspection and Training Co., Inc. are dedicated to providing you with the information you need to make a sound decision in the home purchasing process. Furnace InspectionDon't trust your biggest purchase of a lifetime to a company with less experience. We have been in the Home Inspection business since 1984 and have provided home inspector training to Home Inspectors since 1995. We keep up with the latest changes in the Building Codes and will alert you to those issues you should be made aware of for safety. Let our knowledge, training and experience protect Your American Dream.

Home Inspector Training

Our Home Inspector Training program is dedicated to passing on the knowledge, experience and passion of our instructors to our students through both of our 100 and 140 hour training programs. We are approved by New York State Dept. of State as a qualified training school authorized to provide training and Certification in New York. We are listed with ASHI, NACHI and NAHI as a Home Inspector Training School. You could Learn to become a New York licensed Home Inspector from this Home Inspector training company. Professional Home Inspector instructors provide all aspects of this Training. Students from New York will receive a copy of the Residential Code of New York, students from other states will receive a copy of the International Residential Code.

Before deciding on which home inspector training school you want to attend you should ask a few questions of each school. 1) How long have they been providing Home Inspector Training? 2) Do they have a diversity of instructors with expertise on the subject they are teaching, or is there just one instructor? 3)Is there "hands on" equipment available at the school to see and use during your training? 4) What percentage of students pass the New York State home inspector license exam?

Also very important: 5) Will they provide technical support after the training? 6) Will you be permitted to attend any future classes at NO CHARGE to take a refresher if you want to? ABITCO will provide technical support after the training for as long as you may need it. ABITCO will also allow you, to attend any part of any future class at NO CHARGE.

American Building Inspection and Training Co., Inc. has been training home inspectors since 1995. We have a variety of instructors that are experienced and expert in their field. We are the only home inspector training school that has an attorney teach the legal portion of the home inspector training. We have "hands-on" equipment such as furnaces, boiler, water heaters, plumbing panels and electrical panels available to the student. Our heating instructor will "fire-up" the furnace to demonstrate the flame pattern of a furnace that has a hole in the heat exchanger. The electrical panel has power to important parts of the panel to demonstrate how a GFCI works properly without a ground. To the best of our knowledge we have a 100% passing rate for the New York State home inspector exam.

Remember, Kia and Cadillac are both cars but there is a difference. Don't make the mistake of attending an inferior school because it's cheap, one that will not prepare you for a strong future in the home inspection business.

Company Profile

bullet We provide Professional Home Inspections as well as Commercial Inspections
bullet We offer an intensive 140 hour training program for future home inspectors
bullet Our inspector/instructors have provided more then 10,000 home and building inspections
bullet We are past and present smembers of:
     ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors - 20 + years)
     NACHI (National Association of Certified Home Inspectors)
     ICC International Code Council
     AARST Americam Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists

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